Oh Look, It’s Another Food Blog.

I realize the world doesn’t need yet another food blog, but this is more for me than you anyway. I’m starting this blog for a few reasons. First, this is an outlet for me to channel my food obsession through a creative outlet. Second, this serves as a challenge for me to keep up with cooking healthy meals. Last, I have a terrible memory and this will serve as my own go-to cookbook, if you will, where I can document my kitchen experiments and remember the meals long after I’ve eaten them.

Who am I? Certainly not a chef, by any means. I just love food. I grew up around it — in my family’s restaurant. Still, I didn’t really discover my love for cooking until my late 20s. Now in my early 30s, I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle with more home-cooked meals. I eat anything and everything, but I’ll probably stick to cooking healthy food prepared from mostly organic ingredients found at the market near my home. Most of my meal choices are high protein, low/no carb, lots of vegetables. I like to use a lot of the ingredients from the super/power/fuel foods list.

So, I hope you enjoy and find some useful ideas in here. My goal is not to provide recipes and step by step instructions, but inspiration. I don’t believe in following recipes. I do own cookbooks, mostly for visual inspiration as I flip through the photos. From time to time, I do reference cooking times or specific information on how to do something. Due to my inability to follow instructions and my common lack of something critical needed in a recipe, I often improvise anyway. So should you. Kitchens are for playing. Cook outside the lines. Be experimental and creative. That’s what cooking is all about.

** All photographs are taken by me and belong to me. 


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