Cucumber Labneh Wrap

When I was living/working in the middle east for a couple months, I fell in love with labneh which is essentially a homemade yogurt that’s been strained to a point where it’s texture is something between yogurt and cheese. Still soft and spreadable, but not runny. Every bit as delicious as yogurt can be, and super healthy and good for you.

One thing I enjoy with labneh is cucumbers which, although tasty, have never been a big part of my diet. I like them alright in salads, and I like them pretty well with just salt, but I just don’t find enough reason to buy them since they tend to go bad before I get around to eating them. Well, not with labneh in the house!

I stopped by an ethnic market with a friend who bought me the labneh. I picked up some mini cucumbers. More than a couple meals (dinners, lunches, and even breakfasts!) have been cucumber labneh sandwiches.


Using heated whole-wheat whole-grain wraps, slather on the labneh and cover it with the cucumber slices (cut long or round, doesn’t matter), some spring onions, and maybe some lettuce and/or tomatoes. Sprinkle some salt on top and any other spices you like — I go with Cavender’s — and you’re all set.


A healthy wrap, light and refreshing, and tasty. This is perfect for any time of year, and awesome for my weight loss efforts!

Total cook time, 5 min prep.

1 whole wheat whole grain tortilla
1/4 cup labneh
1 cup cucumber
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablepoon cavender’s greek seasoning

Makes 1 servings.

Calories, approx 330 per serving.


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